Enhance Google Slides with SlideFlow! Cut design time in half with tools for object alignment, distribution, repositioning, and easy emoji integration. Perfect for professionals, students and teachers.

Why is it cool?
From people who went from PowerPoint with think-cell and fancy add-ons to Google Slides. We know all the pains!

Transform your Google Slides experience with SlideFlow, the essential extension designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of your presentations. Whether you're crafting slides for a crucial business proposal, an academic lecture, or any professional presentation, SlideFlow offers a comprehensive toolbox to optimize your design process, allowing you to focus more on content than on time-consuming formatting tasks.

Our Features
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  • One-Click Magic
    Forget the tedious process of multiple clicks for alignment, repositioning, and resizing. With SlideFlow, it now takes just one click to perfectly align, reposition, and resize your objects. This revolutionary feature cuts down the typical 4-step process into a single action, streamlining your workflow and saving precious time.
  • Rapid Alignment & Distribution
    Aligning and distributing objects across your slides is now effortless with our intelligent algorithms, ensuring your elements are perfectly positioned for a polished look.
  • Effortless Object Repositioning
    Adjust the placement of your slides' elements with precision and ease. SlideFlow's intuitive interface allows for quick modifications, further reducing the effort required to perfect your presentation.

  • One-Click Emoji Insertion
    Enliven your presentations with a wide array of emojis through a simple click, making your slides more engaging and memorable.
  • 50% Time Savings on Design
    Engineered to halve your slide design and beautification time. This efficiency boost means more time for research, rehearsal, and refining your message, ensuring impactful presentations.

  • Tailored for Professionals
    Ideal for strategy, product management, project management professionals, and anyone transitioning from PowerPoint's think-cell to Google Slides, seeking an efficient, enhanced experience.
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